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Recruitment Outsourcing On The Rise
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Recruitment Outsourcing On The Rise

on December 04, 2010
December 04, 2010    MoreOnSourcing

If a company wants to recruit new talent efficiently and effectively, should it rely on internal staff or outsource the work to a specialty firm? Different businesses will reach different conclusions, but, according to staffing research firm, there's good reason to pick outsourcing. David Earle writes that recruitment outsourcing generated $2.9 billion in 2009, and will do even better in 2010.

Earle said there are a number of reasons to think that trend will continue. While some companies have been disappointed with recruitment vendors in the past, they're becoming more efficient all the time.

In-house HR departments tend to have a hard time turning around inefficient process, Earle writes, while recruitment firms are constantly adopting new technology and more efficient methods. Technology is particularly important since there are all kinds of new tools for all aspects of the recruitment process.

Another factor working in recruitment firms' favor is the complexity of staffing the modern workplace. A specialist firm is more likely to be able to master the technology, sourcing and marketing tasks that are now necessary, Earle writes.

While outsourcing firms may not always out-perform in-house staffs, Earle predicts that they will do so enough of the time to keep trends moving in their direction.


By Livia Gershon

Worcester Business Journal Staff Writer

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